Additives, care and accessories

ECO Benzin 2 Plus
Is a ready-to-use environmentally friendly special 2-stroke fuel mixture of alkylate gasoline and fully synthetic two-stroke engine oil. It is perfectly suitable for 2-stroke engines in chainsaws, brushcutters, motor blowers, lawnmowers, snow blowers, sweepers, hedge trimmers, mopeds, mopeds, vibratory rammers, concrete cutters, model planes and model cars.
ID: 8002
Alu-Felgen Reiniger
JB Alu-Felgenreiniger has been specially designed for the residue-free removal of persistent dirt such as brake dust, oil residue, grease and road dust from steel and light alloy wheels.
ID: 2224
JB 40 (MOS2-Öl-Spray)
Spray for the protection of metal surfaces
ID: 2212
Rostkiller MOS2
Spray for the protection of metal surfaces
ID: 2208
Spray brake cleaner.
ID: 2207
Thanks to its advanced formulation, JB Motorradreiniger protects delicate surfaces while effectively removing dust and other dirt from all motorbike parts. The product contains anti-corrosive agents and is non-acidic.
ID: 2515
As JB Kettenspray contains high-grade refined mineral oils as well as adhesive agents, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, it provides excellent viscous and adhesive properties.
ID: 2206

Cleaner for glass, paint, chrome-plated and plastic surfaces.

ID: 2213
Injection Cleaner
Effective cleaning and maintenance of valves, injection nozzles and piston floors without dismantling. Removes operational pollution in the entire gasoline injection system. (see PI)
ID: 2512
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