ID: 1122
Brake Fluid DOT 4
JB German Oil Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a synthetic brake fluid based on glycols with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.
ID: 2203
ECO Benzin 2 Plus
Is a ready-to-use environmentally friendly special 2-stroke fuel mixture of alkylate gasoline and fully synthetic two-stroke engine oil. It is perfectly suitable for 2-stroke engines in chainsaws, brushcutters, motor blowers, lawnmowers, snow blowers, sweepers, hedge trimmers, mopeds, mopeds, vibratory rammers, concrete cutters, model planes and model cars.
ID: 8002
CLP 320
is produced on a basis of high-quality mineral oils and proven additives. Thanks to its special combination of ingredients, it achieves a stable, high-pressure capacity under impact loads.
ID: 3352
Hydrauliköl ATF DQ 5000
is an automatic gear oil on a basis of the latest technology of HC/HT hydrocrack oils, which is permitted by General Motors for use in vehicles with automatic gearboxes.
ID: 2272
Super Motorenöl ÖKO Gas-LPG SAE 10W-40
Specially developed for petrol engines with LPG operation. Excellent engine cleanliness, low oil consumption as well re-duced exhaust emissions. It is applied in original gas / petrol vehicles and also in upgraded vehicles.
ID: 2302
Speedway Power (Rizinus Oil) 2T, 4T
2- and 4-stroke engine oil for heavy-duty racing engines with high speeds and extreme loads. This castor oil must never be mixed with mineral or synthetic oils!
ID: 2210